Why Developers, Architects and General Contractors Choose ZETA 

ZETA Design+Build is transforming the construction market through systems that reduce costs and uncertainties, while producing higher quality, more energy efficient buildings in less time.  The benefits include higher and more predictable profits for developers and general contractors; lower ongoing operating and maintenance costs for building owners; and, a healthier, more comfortable living environments for residents and employees.  

For technical information on how to use modular construction for your next development project, register to download ZETA's Multifamily Project Guide

Or, read the Case Study to see how Modular Construction can increase speed and lower costs.

Project Categories

Townhomes | Urban Infill

Constructing units off-site and delivering them to the project 95% complete enables the Developer or General Contractor to complete installation in a few days.

Leading Through Innovation

“In 2010, ZETA designed and built the world's first Net Zero Energy townhouses using off-site fabrication systems. These townhouses achieved a LEED Platinum rating and the EPA's highest indoor air rating – Indoor airPLUS.”

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